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Ownership and responsibilities regarding handling of personal data (art. 13 of D.Lgs. 30/06/03 n.196 )

The company Salumificio Pedrazzoli Spa( located in San Giovanni del Dosso, MN. 46020 ) requires to withhold information regarding handling of personal data following the Decree 196/03.

Area, typology, collection and processing of data

Salumificio Pedrazzoli S.p.a. will protect the privacy of the consumers. In this privacy regulation is described the mechanism of data collection and the handling used by the website The access to the website supposes the consent to the collection and treatment of personal data, following the modalities described in this privacy policy.
In particular, the regulation is only valid for the Website of the Salumificio Pedrazzoli S.p.a, with a telematics access through the website, For this reason, the present privacy policy is not valid for eventual websites that can be consulted by the User by any dynamical link. The Salumificio Padrazzoli S.p.a. does not have and does not intend to acquire and/or treat personal data, referred to the user, that the law has defined as “sensitive” and/or “ judicial” by the art. 4 lett.d), and let.e) of the D.Leg. n. 196 of the 30/06/2003. The type of data that can be collected and/or treated are:

1. Data voluntarily supplied by the User

The User is free to supply personal data to the Owner of the treatment. The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of personal data to the Salumificio Pedrazzoli S.p.a. implies the acquisition of the coordinates of the sender address, as well as any other personal data included in the message and/or in electronic form. Other personal data can be the e-mail and /or the filling of electronic form on the Website. These information might be needed for requests regarding the possible use of our services or for initiatives aimed in receiving our promotions, advertisement material, estimation of costs and possible supply of goods and/ or services, reports of complaints, etc..

2. Surfing data

In their normal operation, informatics systems and software procedures for the Website functioning acquire personal data which transmission is implicit during the use of Internet communication protocols. The information collected in this procedure are not associated with identified individuals, but for their nature, they could enable the User identification through elaboration and association with information held by a third party. This data category includes: IP address or the domain names of computers that are connected with the Website, the URI address ( Uniform Resource Identifier ), dates and hours of the requests, other parameters related to the operating system and informatics area, etc.. In particular, as far as the acquisition of the IP address is concerned, this number is given automatically to the User’s personal computer when it is established an Internet connection through an Internet Service Provider or through a company network that used the same communication protocols. The IP address is needed by the informatics systems during the normal web surfing in order to send the page requested. The Salumificio Pedrazzoli S.p.a can not directly associate an address to the specific person. In fact, the address is dynamically assigned by the Internet Provider or it is masked by the company firewall device. The IP address is different every time there is an Internet Connection and only the Internet Provider or the User’s company are able to trace the physical person to which has been associated with that address in its previous connection sessions.
Therefore, the IP addresses are anonymous, since they are not simply associable with a physical person and the traffic data is used only with the objective of obtaining anonymous statistical information about the use of the Website and to check its correct functioning. These data could be also used in order to establish the liability in case of hypothetical IT crimes against the site itself.

3. cookies

Visiting this Site, you will be able to surf through the pages in anonymous way and to have access to information without reveal your identity. Cookies are not used for the transmission of personal data, nor “persistent cookies” ( systems that can trace users ). The personal data, connected with the services offered by the Site, are treated in the company headquarters of the data processing ( located in “hosting” in the Made Network S.R.L., in Rimini ) with manual procedures ( as in paper ), and/or with electronics and/ or telematics instruments. Specific security measures are followed to prevent any data loss, illicit or incorrect use and unauthorized access. Data are used only to:

1. accomplish the service or the performance required.

2. make possible marketing activities sent by e-mail and/ or telefax communications ( promotional and advertising material, commercial communication and offers referred to the services of our company.

Regarding finalities of the point a. ): the failed, partial or incorrect conferment of personal data from our side can involve the impossibility for us to satisfy the user’s request whenever such data are necessary. The treatment of the related personal data does not require the consent.

Regarding finalities of the point b. ) The conferment of personal data is optional, consequently, in case the User refuses to give the information there are no consequences except the impossibility to carry out our initiatives for the improvement of our service. The treatment of the related personal data requires the consent.

• User’s personal data are communicated to a third party only if it is necessary. Considering the communications made to comply with obligations under applicable laws, regulations or Community legislation, the data collected may be communicated to subjects or subject categories such as: Authorities and Public Institutions, IT and business consulting company, external professionals and/ or companies providing services and consultations ( for example: in the financial field, accounting, fiscal, legal, etc.); other suppliers of good and/ or services necessary for satisfy the needs of the applicant, companies operating in the transport sector; the subjects who are authorized to the data access are recognized under the law and the secondary regulation.

• Since the subjects categories are responsible of the treatment, they can become aware of the personal data that regards the field of their respective functions and in accordance with the instructions received. The internal staff and/or our collaborators are specially authorized to the process of data for the pursuit of the above mentioned finalities or for operations regarding the IT system maintenance.

• It is not contemplated the distributions of User’s personal data.

• The personal data could be divulged to investigate, prevent or take legal action against illegal activities, suspected fraud and situations that could represent a threat to people safety, violations of the Terms and Conditions present in our Website, or in any other case required by the authority.

Subject’ s rights

Referring to art. 7 of the D. leg. n. 196/2003 the subjects to whom the data are referring have the right to obtain in any moment the confirmation of their existence data and to know the content and the origin. They can also verify the accuracy, ask for an integration or the updating, or the rectification.
According to the same article, it is possible to ask the cancellation, modification in anonymous form or the block of the data processed in violation of law, as well as, to oppose in any case their treatment for legitimate reasons.
In order to exercise your rights, as well as more detailed information about the people or classes of people to whom the data are communicated or to which they are aware of , as to be the Responsible and/ or the Appointees to the data process, you can address a written communication to the Data Controller using these contacts:

Salumificio Pedrazzoli S.p.a.
Via San Giovanni del Dosso 16/a 46020 San Giovanni de Dosso ( MN ) Italia

With a telefax or with an e-mail:


Phone: 03860757332
Telefax: 0386 757268


urfing on this Site, you will be able to open the pages in anonymous form and to access to information without reveal your identity. Cookies are portions of information that the Website insert into your device when you visit a Web page.
According on what it was established in the respective privacy information: these cookies could imply the transmission of information between the Website and your is also possible a transmission between your device and other websites that work for us or in private. We can use cookies to group all the collected information about you. You can ask to be advised every time it is sent a cookie or to disable all the cookies editing the browser settings. However, disabling the cookies, some of our services may not work correctly and you will not be able to access to numerous functionalities that are been set out to optimize your surfing experience on our website.
We use various kind of cookies with different functions
The software application can contain our “cookies” technology. The main function of cookies is to facilitate User’s surfing experience. Cookies can provide information about surfing and they allow the operation of some services that need the User’s path identification through the pages of the Website. For any portal access regardless the presence of cookies, there are some data that are registered: the type of browser (for example Internet Explorer, Netscape ), the operative system ( for example Macintosh, Windows ), the Host and the URL of the source of the visitor, beside the data on the required page. Anyways, the User can set the options on its browser and ask to be informed when he/she receives cookies and in this way to decide to delete them. Additional information about cookies are available on the websites of browser suppliers.

Types of cookies

Cookies can be distinguished in “ session “ and “ persistent” types . Once the first type is saved then, it is eliminated in the moment that the Browser is closed. Whereas, the second type is memorized on the hard drive of the User/ visitor until cookies deadline.
Cookies of the first part are readable only in the domain that created them; cookies of the third part: created and readable by external domain on the website.
The software used by the Website and the platform, creates cookies for the User with the aim to generate statistics use, for example through Google Analytics.
The data that are generated with cookies are conserved in Google Inc.
For the operation with cookies in Google Analytics it is better to consult the official documentation provided by Google at the url:

Cookies that are strictly necessary

These cookies are fundamental to surf on the Website and to use some functions. Without the very necessaire cookies, the online services that are required can not be provided ( virtual basket or the issue of invoices at the validation of a purchase).
Consent for very strictly necessary cookies must be provided because they are indispensable for the required services.

Performance cookies

It is possible that from our side ( or from services suppliers who work for us) to add performance cookies into your surfing driver. The information collected through cookies for the performances are used exclusively by us or in our interest.
Cookies for performance collect anonymous information related to the way that users use the Website and its various functionalities. For example, our performance cookies collect information about Website pages that users like more to visit and about our advertisement that appears in other website pages with which we interact, as well as, to verify if you have opened and read the communications we send you and if you receive error messages. The collected information can be used to personalize your online experience showing specific contents. Cookies for performances are needed to limit the number of views of the same advertisement. Our cookies for performances do not collect personal information.
Continuing to use the Website and its functionalities, you are authorizing us ( and possible advertisers who work for us ) to enter performance cookies in your surfing device.

Cookies for the functionality

It is possible from our side ( or from services suppliers who work for us ) to enter cookies for functionality in your surfing device. We do not share the information we collect through cookies for functionality with our advertisers nor third party.
These cookies are utilized to memorize your choices ( language, country, or other online settings ) and to provide personalized and optimized functionalities that you have selected. Cookies for functionality can be used to offer online services or to avoid offers that you have already refused.
In some cases, we can authorize advertisers or third parties to give contents and other online experiences through this Website. In this case, the third party that is involved could enter its own cookies for the functionality into your surfing device and use them ( in a way similar to ours ) with the purpose to provide personalized functionalities and to optimize your use experience. Selectioning personalized options and settings, you authorize us ( and third parties ) to use cookies for functionality that are necessary to offer to you our experiences.
Removing cookies for functionality, the preferences or the selected settings will not be memorized for future visits.

Cookies used by

In the below list are present technical cookies and of analytics we use in this Website:

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Function: Cookie necessary for the website to “remember” ( in future accesses ) if the user has accepted the use of cookies

Dead line: 300 days

name: _ga

domain: Google Analytics

Function: this cookie is used to distinguish users ( new ones and affectionate ones). Google Analytics monitors the usage of the Website with other non-identifying information ( anonymous )

Deadline: in two years

name: _gat

domain: Google Analytics

Function: This cookies monitors the real use and the frequencies of the request by the User on our Website. Google Analytics monitors the use of the website in an anonymous mode

Deadline: two hours


Registered visitors

We reserve the right to analyze the online activities of the registered visitors on our Website and on our online services through the use of cookies and other traceability technologies. If you have chosen to receive information from us, we can also use cookies and other traceability technologies to personalize the future communications based on your interests.
Moreover, we reserve the right to use cookies and other traceability technologies into the communications that you receive from us ( for example, in order to know if you have read, opened them or to observe which contents did you interact with and which of them you have opened), in order to make your future communications closer to your interests.
If you would like to stop targeted communications, you can click on the specific link to unsubscribe you. You can find this link in our communications or you can access with your account to revoke the consent of marketing communications. If you would like to stop personalized advertisement communications based on your online activity on this Website or in others, you need to follow the instructions above ( for targeted advertisement )

Cookies management through the browser

Modifying your browser settings, you can accept or refuse cookies or decide to receive a warning message before accepting cookies from the webpages you have visited. We remind you that disabling cookies completely from the browser you aren’t allowed to use all of our interactive functionalities. If you use a computer from different positions, be sure that every browser is set to satisfy your preferences. You can eliminate all the installed cookies in their folder of your browser. Every browser presents different procedures for the management of the settings.
You can find below the specific information for the most widespread browsers:

Microsoft Windows Explorer

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If you are using other browsers, we suggest you to access to the official website in order to verify how to block cookies.
This Website uses Google Analytics for statistical data preparation; to avoid the statistical tracking, Google offers an optoutaddon.
This is the link to install this plugin:

Attention: if this addon is eliminated or if it is used any other browser or computer, it will be necessary to repeat the procedure one more time.
Do you want to deepen this topic connected to privacy and to cookies? Visit the website:

Facebook Social Plugins and other Social Network
Our Webpages and APPS may contain plugin for social networks ( for example, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc…). In particular, these plugins may correspond to the buttons “ Like” or “ Mi piace” of Facebook. If you enter to one of our webpages that have a similar plugin, the Internet browser is directly linked to Facebook server and the plugin is visualized from the screen using the connection with the browser. The plugin communicates to the Facebook server which pages that the interested person looked at. If the interested user of a social network visits our webpages while he/she is connected with his/her social account, then his/her personal data may be associated to the social account. In case the plugin settings are used ( for example clicking the button “ Mi piace” or publishing a post ), the information will be associated with the social account. Further information about the data collection and the data use from social network in general, as well as the rights and the possible measure to protect the privacy of people in this contest, are present in the social networks pages of the User, about the protection of data. If the interested person does not want to associate the visit of our webpages with its own social account, he/she needs to exit from Facebook or the other social network before visiting them.